Backyard Challenge

This year, with the kids nearly moved out of the house we decided to make the place our own, but still entice them back to gather in the evenings.

What to do with a big plain fenced back yard with a standard contractor built deck??deck

The deck is a basic 12’ x 12’ layout which sits as high as our fence line, and has minimal amount of slats for the fencing leaving it looking very open. Our first idea was to make it a little more private and make an inviting sitting area. We put a lighter colored panel over the slatted part of the deck siding. The biggest thing we noticed right away was how much less wind we felt sitting out there. The lighter color in the panel has kept the deck from looking too dark, or getting too hot.

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Father’s Day – Top 5 Things to Do for Dad

Are you wondering what to do for Dad for Father’s Day? Take a look at our staff’s Top 5 list of gifts for Dad to get some ideas!

  1. Take him fishing. What’s better than a bucket full of worms and the open water? Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray! Visit Alberta’s Best Fishing Hot Spotsfor some of the best fishing spots!
  2. Brunch and Golf. Dad’s got to eat and so do you. Take him to your favourite restaurant for brunch and a round of 18 holes afterwards. Driving range’s are great too! Looking for awesome golf courses visit: Alberta Golf Courses
  3. Celebrate with a BBQ. Light the barbecue and get out your hamburgers & hotdogs! Celebrate Dad with great food and family time. Kick a ball around or play baseball or catch. Here’s a link to a delicious homemade burger recipe The Perfect Burger
  4. Have a night in. Rent a few movies or grab the clicker for Netflix, pop some popcorn and put your feet up! For quick and easy homemade microwave popcorn that doesn’t have all the additives of store bought microwave popcorn follow the link. Brown Bag Microwave Popcorn
  5. Bowling. A great activity for the family or a little one on one time. Rent a lane, lace those shoes and have a great time.

What are your favourite things to do to celebrate your Dad? Let us know in the comments below!