Top 10 Camping Must Haves

Ever get that feeling when you leave on a holiday that you’ve forgotten something at home? Besides the basics (tent, sleeping bags, pillows etc.) follow our staff’s top 10 list for things to bring with you camping so you don’t forget those little things again!camping_fullsize_story1
  1. Bug Spray, Sunscreen and After Bite
    • Be prepared for the outdoors and bugs! Having a sunburn or bug bites can make a camping trip very uncomfortable.
  2. First Aid Kit
    • Make sure you keep a First Aid kit with you in case of any accidents or injuries.
  3. Flashlights
    • Have an extra set of batteries with you or use a solar powered flash light.
  4. Cell Phone and Charger
    • Most of us always have our cell phones but don’t forget the charger; you don’t want to remember in a time of emergency.
  5. Lawn Chairs
    • Enjoy the fire from a chair not the ground 🙂
  6. Axe and Matches/Lighter
    • You might need the axe to chop wood and the matches to light your fire, don’t forget to put your matches in a water proof container so they don’t get wet if it rains.
  7. Spare Water and Food
    • Don’t forget to pack in case of an emergency and you’re stranded. A little extra food and water can go a long way.
  8. Toiletries and Antibacterial Wipes
    • Remember your bathroom items you might need them.
    • Bring Antibacterial Wipes they are more convenient for soap and water when around the fire for your sticky marshmallows or around other messes.
  9. Garbage Bags
    • Go green don’t forget to pick up your garbage. Use a different bag for cans/bottles to recycle later.
  10. Camera
    • Don’t forget while you’re enjoying your trip to take photos to remember the great time later.

For a more extensive packing list visit: Camping Essentials List  We hope you enjoy your vacation this summer!

Spring Has Sprung!

It’s that time of year again, that “To Do” list is a mile long and it’s time to start crossing things off. Unfortunately, this task can seem very intimidating especially if you aren’t sure where to start or what to do. Here are a few ideas that our staff uses to aide them in their spring cleaning tasks.

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What is LOVE?

When we say we LOVE our customers, what do we consider LOVE to be?

LOVE is making that same cup of hot chocolate every month to a gentleman who beams beyond belief when his beverage is made for him with a left over candy cane in there for his “minty” taste. He pays his bill and grabs a candy from the desk top for the road. As he walks out the door with the biggest smile on his face, always repeating “I will see you next month girls, you are always so kind to me”, anyone can see he LOVES the little bit of attention and care. What did it cost? What did he get out of it? For us, it’s that tiny bit of pride that he left feeling the way he did…

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3 Ways to Cut Clutter on a Budget!

Here are a few ideas that members of our staff use to organize in their own homes by using items that you have around the house or something you can purchase at your local Dollar Store!Storage idea 2 pic

Ladies! Are your bathroom counters ridden with various makeup and brushes? Here’s an easy way to organize without spending a large amount of money on trays and dividers! Grab a cutlery tray from the Dollar Store and put it in one of your bathroom drawers. You can use this to store your makeup and brushes, even your Q-Tips and cotton balls! This trick works great for your office too! Put the tray in your desk drawer and use it to store your pens, pencils and other office items.

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Packing or Storing: Tips For Your Move

When you’re moving everything is so stressful and chaotic. Make the move a little easier with these helpful tips.

  1. Use uniform size boxes when possible.
    This makes boxes easier and safer to stack whether going from the vehicle into your new home or into a storage unit for safe keeping.Moving-House
  2. Label boxes on all sides and make a list of the contents.
    Labelling your boxes is a great way to remember what’s inside when unpacking. You can also move boxes directly into the new rooms of your home with little to no confusion, making your move much smoother.
  3. Use bubble wrap, styrofoam chips, and plain newsprint to protect your breakable items. Always mark these boxes with “Fragile” for extra protection when moving things into or out of your vehicle.
    When wrapping glassware such as dishes, cups, glasses etc. wrap them individually and then wrap them in bundles of four for extra protection. Read More

Welcome to Our New Website

Medicine Hat Storage is proud to unveil our new site, logo and colors! As we all know technology is advancing quickly and we like to keep up with the times. We are thrilled about this change and cannot wait to share our refreshing new look with you.

One of our new features is the “Pay Your Bill” feature, it will be coming soon! This feature is going to make it easier to pay your weekly, monthly, bi-annual, or annual storage rent any time during the day. Now that crazy work schedule won’t get in the way, not to mention a break on those late fees (if paid on time).

We would also like to introduce you to our new blog section! You can always come here for more tips and tricks on storage and packing! We would love for you to comment and share on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. If you have any questions you can post them here and a storage representative will reply shortly.

We hope you enjoy our new features and if you have any questions you can contact us via e-mail ( or phone (877-415-6576) and we will answer them for you. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!